Another 2nd date, another borderline sexual assault.

I’m probably exaggerating. Or internalizing the norms of the patriarchy. But I was uncomfortable.

So the date ends with what I thought was an obvious kicking out and my texting some friends “um, this just happened, no way I’m talking to that guy again.”

And I don’t, until a few days later when he asks me out again.

I muster up all the assertiveness my little introverted brain has and respond: “Actually, I felt really uncomfortable with you and the way you treated me the other night and it’s best if we don’t see each other again.”

Yes it was just a text, I didn’t have to say this face to face, but I still was super proud to stand up for myself and not just ignore him or make up an excuse.

His response?

“No worries! Good luck :)”


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