Strike 2

Went out again with super nice p-word guy from a few weeks ago. Again had a super nice time. But that’s it. I’m trying to give it a go with someone outside my “type.” But how many go’s do you give to see if it clicks?

I sound like a huge beeyotch saying he’s too nice, but people of the world: When girls don’t like nice guys (for the most part), it’s not the kindness part, it’s the lack of confidence part. Asking if I like wine or beer: considerate and thoughtful! Three more texts asking about what type of wine: come on dude, make a decision.

When we finished our dinner at 9, I was grateful he did not suggest we do anything else. I drove him home, we had a chaste kiss, and he asked me to let him know I got home safely. So basically I went out with my grandmother, except my grandmother is not a man and would have insisted on a nightcap.

I did text I got home and thanked him, and he responded thanking me for nice conversation and for being a sincere and genuine person. So if nothing else it is encouraging to go out and be able to be myself and feel like there is someone appreciating me for who I am. I can’t knock a guy for giving me a night out and an ego boost.

I’d be happy to hang out with him again but I don’t think the chemistry is suddenly going to click. Do I tell him now? Ghost him? He deserves the truth right?

What’s a nice girl who doesn’t like nice guys to do?




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