The Streak Continues

Saw a guy on Bumble a few days ago whose profile mentioned a LOT of running. So my opening message mentioned running, and we exchanged a few back and forth with me mentioned my difficulty in training for an upcoming race.

Then he asked my BMI.

I thought: “Weird. Maybe he knows a training trick based on BMI.”

So I said “Um I have no idea, how about this?” and threw out a number that sounded vaguely accurate from a buzzfeed quiz or something months ago.

He responds with “Nice! Here’s my number, let’s get together.”

My Spidey Sense buzzed and I decided to ask why he wanted my BMI.

Jackass Jackpot:



I’m still enraged reading it.

Level 1 Rage: He’s a jerk but I get you have a personal preference.


Level 2 Rage: You’re gonna tell me you can’t tell if I’m OBESE from my pictures?


Level 3 Rage: The only reason I wouldn’t want to go out with you is lying about my size?


The masochist in me wanted to keep pushing to see what else he’d say but report and block, hopefully saving another girl from him, while I go back to the couch.

(Also, besides the point, but plenty of super healthy people have high BMI!!! Or plenty of skinny people who eat crap have low BMI!!)

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