I did it.


With a day to spare I did it.

I read 20 books on my summer vacation. Last summer I read 17 without trying so this year’s goal was 20 and mission accomplished.

They weren’t all good. A few I returned without reading. In fact many stunk, not because of my choices just because. Contemporary fiction these days is tough for me. It either tries to be unique and turns out insufferable, it reflects the ennui of our currents times and is depressing or it just tries too hard in general. So I lean more towards historical fiction and even young adult. Surprisingly two of my top rated came from Caribbean authors, something I’d never really explored before. And my top rated seems the most depressing but was the most refreshing.

Being able to read so voraciously is probably my favorite part of having the summer off. Visiting my friends at the library (the paper and human ones) brings so much opportunity and exploration. It’s a ready-made conversation starter and though it’s small talk, there’s an intimacy in knowing what someone likes to read and sharing ideas. The smell, walking out with a stack of new books, considering all the activities…its nerd heaven. Plus going to the library supports an important public service!

I read all day long every day but outside of the summer I probably will read 3 actual books. All the information available every day inundates our mindspace but how beneficial is it? At least once a day I mention a story but I haven’t read the whole thing or I didn’t comprehend it because I clicked through to something else that popped up. My brain is full of thought bubbles but no thoughts. Reading books, holding the heft of the text in my hand, gives me full thoughts about complex lives and conflicts and resolutions.

I keep track of my books now on goodreads. And I have a lot of questions about the hundreds of people who write hundreds of newspaper-style reviews of everything they read. Or absurd reviews like “this book was about clowns, which I hate, so the clown story did not appeal to me. One star.” However, I’m going to give you my 20-book review to save my achievement for posterity. Coming soon in order of least to greatest! Old books, new books, NYT bestseller books…any guesses on #1??


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