I tend to plunge into despair after a bad date.

I don’t go on a lot of them.

I tend to accept invitations judiciously.

I don’t meet people out and about because it’s tough enough to get out of the bed in the morning on a regular day, let alone spend a day at work, come home, and leave the house again to mingle with stranger(s).

Perhaps this is another insight into my single-hood?

Regardless, when I do accept a date and it goes badly (again), it’s hard to see any hope of a date that will actually go well.

But this post isn’t about complaining about dates, for once.

It’s Thanksgiving time so of course everyone is looking for new angles on turkey or thanks, and I’ve seen/heard many discussions on gratitude of late. Happens every year. However, this year, I’ve been in more than one meeting/class/gathering¬† where someone has mentioned a gratitude journal and its scientifically validated effect on brains. Since, in theory, I’d like to not be a miserable lump of complaints, I’ve always thought I should keep track of my blessings, but time and again tv and cheese get in the way. Somehow though these multiple encounters within a few days might really have me committing.

I’m going to do my best to record 3 things I’m grateful for every night until Christmas at least. (Pretty convenient timing there.) Supposedly by then my brain will change and I will be an energized, enthusiastic person minus the crippling anxiety. Worse case scenario, I use some of the journals people think I like so much as gifts. I’ll report back my findings as the miracles occur.

One miracle already: I decided yesterday to commit to this journal, and I’m singing my little heart out alone in my office when someone stops by and says “I was wondering who had such a beautiful voice and it’s you!” Basically my number one wish ever, being complimented on my skill at “Part of Your World.” It’s working already! #blessed


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