Customs the Remix

Unsurprisingly, I went out with Angry Text Guy again. Unsurprisingly, it did not go well.

I thought maybe we both just were misinterpreting each other over texts so we decided to go out again last night. He says he’s coming to meet at my house at 6.

5:43 comes and I’m obviously not ready because we’re meeting at 6. He texts that he’s at the corner. Obviously I shouted back BUT I’M NOT READY. He says ok, meet me at the bar.

5:46: Actually I am ready.

5:49: He’s at the bar. Already. And wants me to walk over.

5:59: Grumpily arrive at the bar.

5:59:01: He’s wearing the same shirt as last time.

6:00: By date 2 he stops paying for drinks. The $4.25 happy hour special is really tough.

6:01: Perhaps he’s out of money from buying himself drinks because he’s apparently wasted. The only explanation for the offensive sexual comments spewed one minute in.

The rest of the evening veers into not-safe-for-family-friendly-blog and “you’re not into me? Do you have intimacy issues?” territory.

Suffice it to say this was not the guy I thought I had met last time. The one who was polite and genuine and interesting. Feeling a little unmoored, like it’s not bad enough to have to choose a guy to meet, you have to also navigate their multiple personalities? And I’m not doing it right.

So I’m supposed to figure out dating, then date and get married and have a kid before 40. Cool.



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