Creepiness Update

After my post last night, convo with Happn guy continued. He responded to my statement that I didn’t really see where this was going by asserting that there was nothing untoward about his conversation direction.

We must just be too busy for each other! It’s totally commonplace to repeatedly suggest booty calls as a way to get to know each other! And the average guy always wants to know what kind of shoes you’re wearing at 7am, as a way of getting to know you.

Dating has me so messed up I actually started to second guess myself. I’m being too harsh and judgemental. He just wants to get to know me! (Recall this was the guy who thought it wasn’t appropriate to ask for my number, but shoes are totally ok.)


He’s just creepy.

I thought there was a chance he really has no idea and sincerely said “I’m not sure you realize how you’re coming off” but he assured me he does not want my advice. Good luck ladies.


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