Things That Have Made Me Cry This Week

A couple months ago a guy published a list of things that made his wife cry, and luckily it was adorable and did not come off as critical or insensitive.

So here are some things that have made me cry this week. This does not include things that just made me tear up but full on tears.

  • The Wells Fargo ad where the dad collects rocks for his daughter
  • “Isn’t She Lovely” on the radio
  • iPhone Mother’s Day ad (fuck you Apple)
  • My dog putting his head on lap when I cried at the Mother’s Day ad
  • general love for my dog
    • fear that my dog will die
  • The Goldbergs
  • The beginning of Happy Feet (he’s just so cute and they’re so mean!)
  • thinking about how I would react if one of my friend’s mothers died
  • running out of pretzels



And the sign of a bff is when you share this info with her and the immediate response is “Was it the baby crying in the beginning or the bridge of Isn’t She Lovely”


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