Worser and worser

Now online dating is a mindfuck in addition to depressing and overwhelming.

Meet nice guy, a few years younger. Peppy, funny, very attractive.

“What are you looking for here, what kind of guy do you like” etc…



Red flag but I power through.

We’re talking about plans the next night! Woo. Where to go, what to do.



I have no idea what’s happening here. And I’m sad a) I was obviously wrong about him b) everyone thinks I’m just rolling in messages from A+ guys when I’m desperate enough to ignore this guy’s red flags.

But fine, sleep, ignore. Then, good morning:

img 5351

img 535

I really truly don’t understand. Guys, help me out. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t even suggest I wanted this. I tried to be even tempered and not engage. Why do you all think we want to see this!!!!

Of course when I didn’t respond I got the requisite “What do you think?” I said we weren’t looking for the same things and he responded:

“You aren’t even that hot. You’re one of those overrated girls with an inflated ego from online dating.”

a) If guys think online dating does anything but crush your soul then please take a walk in my shoes.

b) Thanks for the complex about my looks after telling me I’m hot 45 times.

I didn’t respond, but this morning he did see fit to tell me he banged his ex. So that’s good news at least.


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