A Quasi-successful Trip Into Online Therapy

I never wrapped up my online therapy experience report because I never wrapped up online therapy. In trying to cancel, both services offered more time with a new therapist. The Better Help one still sucked so I cancelled for real, but with Talkspace I finally felt like I got a real person who could challenge me and have paid for two more months.

Has it all be great? Not at all. In fact I feel like she’s sort of super judgy. And she accuses me of being judgy. But it’s given me some things to think about in terms of my expectations about other people and attempts at reacting with empathy rather than anger. Still, as my subscription is coming to renewal again I’m thinking maybe I won’t. This is the point–in therapy, in dating–where I have to ask is it them or me.

I don’t deal well with criticism. Which is sort of a catch-22 since I’m in therapy to receive observations about myself… But whenever this chick questions me it’s tough not to take that as a criticism hanging in the interwebs until I can hear back from her. And I’ll get all upset and then she might not even address it in the next message. Often she’ll ask 3 or 4 questions or give 3 or 4 items for consideration, and I’ll respond to all, and she’ll focus on one thing. Same thing if I tell a story or describe an event. I might be worried about what a guy said to me and she asks about the food I ordered. This might be most significant flaw of the medium and difference from in-person therapy. The best aspect is just my focus on myself and a time to write down a few things I’m thinking.


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