Same Year, Different Sh*t

I thought I’d take dating by the horns for the new year and take the messaging initiative. I always have to do that on Bumble, which has gotten me nowhere despite the multitudes of disturbingly handsome men, but on Tinder I usually swipe recklessly and wait for the messages. Not this time! I messaged every last person in my list–15–and now, 3 days later, I got 4 messages back.

Out of 15.

One of whom is promoting a website.

And the other 3 haven’t written back in the past 24 hours.

Why are you swiping if you’re not going to message me?!!

I get that sometimes you match and change your mind, or you’re not checking the site. But for 70%+ of the guys to not respond (and 100% to not take any initiative), what’s the point.

Meanwhile, over on OK Cupid, I’m still toddling around/failing being uninteresting apparently.


Now I in no way pretend that I’m being the most exciting conversationalist here…but this guy’s profile said nothing, he lives 2 hours away, and he is presenting no meaningful leads. Plus he called me sweetie. Sorry to bore you dude, but talking is a two way street.

2017 is 3 days old and I’m already exhausted. Good thing my bullet journal doesn’t have a dating page.


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