So Lonely

Actually not at all.

But apparently I’m supposed to be working hard not to feel bad this Valentine’s Day. Talking to a video of Fabio is better than being alone!

Usually Valentine’s Day is split between ugly jewelry ads and anti-Valentines promos (often overlaps with the Sexy and Single angle). Recently, the single-and-cool-with-it-so-I’ll-celebrate-with-my-bitches (but actually praying for a last minute date) group’s gotten played up.

And I’m always for the Pal-entine’s Day ideal. Stickers and puns and half price candy February 15!

However, it seems this year advertisers have caught on to the demographic of just-kinda-single-but-gonna-need-to-eat-Sunday. We get the Singles Blizzard:

This has no theme but delicious, yet somehow it’s supposed to be for singles like me. At least put a heart in it. Until I get a free blizzard by proving how man-free I am, don’t try to use my relationship status to sell things!





Valentine’s Day!

This is not a complaining-about-Valentine’s-Day post! This is actually kind of a what happened to Valentine’s Day post. V Day seemed forgotten this year. Maybe because I haven’t been in many schools or stores I didn’t see all the hoopla, but I didn’t hear much about it. I remember being annoyed about Valentine ads right after Christmas, because it was right after Christmas, but not much was discussed this week.

I wonder if there was so much written and tweeted about the depression of being single on Valentine’s Day that there ended up being a backlash?

If so, that’s sad because, if you can turn your focus away from couples making out and people who are so insecure they need to spend hundreds of dollars to eat a marked up dinner to feel loved, it’s such a fun holiday! Everything is glittery and pink! And hearts! And chocolate! And puns!

We should never give up a holiday that offers a chance to tell grandparents, friends, and small children you love them while eating thematically shaped chocolates.

Please enjoy some punny card collections:

Dictator Valentine’s


Printables! (some)

And a classic: