Out to Pasture

My friends and I made a rare Friday night venturing off the couch (and after 9pm no less!) in honor of Prince last night. This was at a sort of club/hipster dance party spot.

Our first mistake was showing up on time, which was understandably uncool, so at first we gave the dj a pass on the lack of Prince at the Prince dance party. An hour passes, then another. Throughout the night we’ve been asking for the Prince and he says it’s coming. Meanwhile we’re chatting with other dance floor denizens and learning none are over 23. Still no Prince as the clock strikes midnight and our dancing shoes turn into orthopedic slippers. I ask the dj a final time and he tells me to calm down.

We headed back to our respected couches, where we’re appreciated and no one makes us wait for cheese and SVU and the music we want when we want it.

Why is there no happy medium between college dance party and quiet craft beer emporium? Once we turn 25 are we too hideous to be seen moving rhythmically outside the confines of our kitchen after a few glasses of wine?

I don’t want to be cool. I just want to dance in public.

Prince would not stand for this.  Make America great again. Dancing for all!


So what do you do…

So what do you do when the activities you like all involve people at least 50 years older that you? Today I went to a knitting group at the library and it was so.much.fun. Until we all started reminiscing about where we were when Kennedy was shot, revealing they were not only older than me but had children that were 30 years older than me. Ignore the fact that I’m a person who goes to libraries and knits. The fact is it was really fun because everyone was so welcoming, and you go and do your thing and chat when you feel like it. No ones asking what you do or if you have kids. They talk about how pretty the colors you picked are as ask if this is the right cast on and laugh when you don’t know because they don’t either. Yeah yeah, suck it up and join a kickball team despite the crippling anxiety each day leading up to the game. For real though, is everyone else just hanging out doing things they don’t want to do because it helps meet people? There cannot be that many people Out there that love kickball and jenga. (Ps jenga is terrible).